Saturday, November 29, 2008

How was your Thanksgiving?

Mine was awesome! We had a ton of different food and I ate some really tasty stuff...and then had a little more....from cheese and crackers to cookies and chocolate covered turkey and stuffing to cranberry salad, a pineapple whipped cream salad and the jello/cream cheese/whip cream/pretzel salad...MMMMM. Everyone ate a lot and we all had a really really good time. Brian and I just bought a WII about a week ago and the family really had fun with it. Madison and my little nephew were boxing and playing golf..but the real fun started when myself, Matt, my mom and my mom-in-law played a game of bowling. Seing the 2 moms play the WII was great! My mom actually bowled the high score of the night..but I must say, I kicked all their butts in our head to head challenge. :D

Jody's body has been aching terribly over the last few months and so I let her try out my body massage pad. She layed in my bed for awhile with it and then sat on it for the rest of the night and I think I saw her eyes roll back in her head. It was great to see her smile! Needless to say, I let her borrow it and take it home. I think she's in love.

The kids had a blast. They played inside and outside and rode bikes and jumped on the trampoline and ate way too many cookies....but hey, whatever...I'm the kind of mom who thinks her child should thoroughly enjoy the holidays, just like I do. Basically, on the major holidays, I don't really make her eat the good stuff...I let her decide and if it's cakes and cookies for those few special days, then so be it. A kid should be a kid if you ask me. I don't want to ever regret making her do something or not letting her do something. I want to look back over the special times of year and know that she truly enjoyed herself and was given the chance to just be a kid and do what kids are supposed to a ton of cookies! :D (Now that's it back to the non-holidays, the cookies have been put away and sweets are limited of course.)

My mom and dad spent the night..both were not feeling well at all. They are such troopers though. They stayed home w/ Madison all day so that Brian and I could do our Black Friday shopping, which we did. We started out at 4:45 a.m. and didn't get home until 3 in the afternoon! I got a lot of stuff done though.

Today it was back to work as usual. I have a ton of real estate stuff do to since I slacked off the last few days. Brian hung our lights outside today. Tomorrow, if I have the energy, I would like to put up the tree, but we shall see.

(By the way, this photo is of Madison taking a picture of herself) was YOUR Thanksgiving?

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I finally figured out how to get my photo slideshow on here. It's still not my flickr badge slideshow, but at least my photos are finally on here! Score 1 for me.

I'm getting hungry!!!

So, as always, I'm on the never ending diet, watching every calorie I put into my mouth. Well, I'm having Thanksgiving at my house this year and I'm cooking up a lot of different things and I've decided that I will eat whatever I want, whenever I want, and however much I want on that day. In turn, I'm trying to be extra good this week, leading up to the day. Having basically just cereal, soup, pretzels and a sensible addition I'm walking for about 60 mins a night on my treadmill, burning about 430 calories a night.

So, needless to say, I am getting VERY hungry, just thinking about my spread for Thursday. Tomorrow will be the real trying day though as I plan to prepare a lot of my food early. I hope I can do it without sampling everything - 5 times each - haha.

I've decided, I'm 33 years old, I work hard, I'm comfortable in life, so if I gain a dang pound or two or three for stuffing myself silly this one day, then so be it. My husband thinks I'm gorgeous and my daughter worships the ground I walk a few lbs. in exchange for a great day with my family??? No questions asked!



Friday, November 21, 2008


We've apparently started something new and I don't like it. Madison has started to spit out food. She will start eating her lunch or dinner and then half way through she decides she doesn't like it anymore (even though she liked the first 10 bites) and then she'll go spit it in the toilet. The first time I let her do it cuz I felt sorry for her, but now it just makes me mad. Two days in a row, she's been sitting in the corner. Just great! When is this gonna stop?

When I put her in the corner and walked away, she started crying hysterically, asking if I was still mad at her. I tried to ignore her until I heard a boom and realized she had fallen backward out of her little Dora "time out" chair. When I ran in to rescue her, she looked at me, with tears in her eyes, and asked if I still loved her. Well, needless to say, I scooped her up and she didn't have to sit in the corner any more. I know, I'm a sucker, but that question broke my heart.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Ok, so I've spent so much time uploading like 60 photos to my new flickr account, thinking I would have them on my blog tonight. No such luck. I can't figure it out. My brain isn't working tonight I guess. Darn the luck as there are some really cute photos of my darling. Maybe tomorrow.

Speaking of my little angel (devil)....tonight was dance class. Lately, she hasn't been listening to the teacher, but rather disrupting the class. She was truly an angel last week, so I thought for sure we had started a new pattern. Nope - I was wrong. The little devil came out tonight and she got in trouble, from the teacher, several times. She paid no attention - I was embarrassed, yet at the same time, glad the teacher had to deal with it and not me....(did I just say that? hehehe). Anyway, our ritual is, dance class and then a treat at Dairy Queen, every Thursday night. Well, tonight, no Dairy Queen! Hopefully next week cuz I just love their pumpkin pie blizzards!

Sold another house this past Tuesday! Yeah.....and also got an accepted contract on one of my, all in all, it's been a really good week! :)

Ok, off to bed.......need energy to deal with my flickr situation tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008 first blog

Well, I've always wanted to start a blog, but never could find the time. Still don't have it, but figure I can devote at least 5 mins to get it set up, right? Not sure what to blog about tonight...I don't feel very good - feel like I have an ulcer or something..burning, gnawing pain. I'm up late, as usual, working and my beautiful little daughter decided she wanted to lay next to me so she's sleeping on the floor, in her pink and glittery princess nightgown, laying next to.....can you guess....none other than puppy dog...her favorite toy since birth - won't leave home w/o it, won't sleep w/o it...she's on her 4th one already, and at 20.00 a pop it ain't cheap - thank GOODNESS for Grandma Mitzi who has bought all 4 of them. Let's see, she had a poop accident when she was just a baby - *&^% everywhere one morning when I walked into her room ...that brought on puppy # 2, that one got too dirty, so came # 3....the ear fell of of that one, so came #4....well, she happened to find puppy # 2 which is now named "dirty puppy dog" and she refuses to sleep with the new puppy dog. She'll search the house, looking for dirty puppy's hilarious to hear her say that...she will either sleep with both or with just dirty puppy dog. Tonight, she told her dad he could borrow clean puppy dog, but not to touch dirty puppy dog cuz he is hers!!! She's a hoot!

Ok, I never would have thought my first blog would be about my 3 1/2 year old's puppy dog ordeal, but hey, it was something to get me started.....and on to the next! :)