Sunday, December 7, 2008

'Tis the Season

What a holiday filled week/weekend! After a week of me and Madison being under the weather, we finally both were feeling better this weekend.

Holiday-ness started off Wednesday when Madison and I decorated the house and put up the tree. Friday, after Brian got home. I had to make a last minute run to the store for candy/toys/trinkets from "St. Nick". Madison was so excited to put out her shoes Friday night. She's so smart, she decided to put out not only her largest pair of boots, but a 2nd pair of shoes as well so St. Nick would have 4 shoes to fill - haha....and that he did - full of games, tiny toys and some candy. She woke up Saturday morning and had a blast! Grandma Raymond came over shortly after to bring the stocking full of goodies that St. Nick left at her house for Madison...again, she had a blast! Needless to say, I could not get her to eat breakfast. Instead she begged for gummie bears and a chocolate Santa, etc. I had to bag the candy and hide it!

I took a few hours for myself and went shopping. I got a few Xmas gifts, and some shoes and an awesome new purse for ME (with my Kohls cash). I hurried home, changed clothes and then rushed to church. When I got home, I piled the family in the car and we went to the beautiful Christmas lights in Eureka. Madison loves them more and more every year!

While we were waiting in the long, long line, in the dark, with Xmas music on the radio, the view of lights up ahead, my little girl patiently waiting in the backseat, my husband's hand in my left hand and a fresh cup of hot cocoa in my other hand, I just took a minute to thank God for everything I have. I just lived for the moment! I was in a place that I couldn't believe I was in. I was in a place that I never ever thought I would be in 10 years ago- a place of total peace and happiness. My life is SO good and I can't ask for anything more! :)

Today, the family piled in the car again and we visited one of my listings cuz work NEVER ends in real estate! A little more shopping and then home sweet home. I decided it was warm enough to go outside and hang my lighted garland on my porch. I WAS SO WRONG!!!!! I was fine the first 5 minutes, but then I went a little numb. I had to finish as I was not about to leave it partially done. Well, about an hour later, no feeling in either hand, and snot running out of my nose, I finished my masterpiece. I must say, it looks great! It's been about 3 hours since and my hands are still freezing, but I'll be ok.

These photos are of my sweetie, posing in her new outfit (well, the pants are new - she had the rest). She is such a little ham. She asked her dad if she looks like a model.

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Hippie Family... said...

too funny, guess you don't want to come over and put ours up??