Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I love hearing other people's stories about how their little ones say bad words or phrases or funny things. I've heard some hilarious ones from the kids in my family. My own daughter has said some doozies - enough to make me almost pee my pants. Well, last night, she outdid herself.

I was in my bedroom last night, working on my laptop, and I guess I was so involved that I didn't notice Brian come in and go into the bathroom to get a Q-tip or whatever he got. All I know is that he never turned the light on. When he came out, he jumped and said "boo" or "rah" or something and scared the crap outta me. My immediate reaction was to kick him in the butt and say, "asshole". Well, I didn't realize Madison was standing right behind me.

**Now, before I finish my story, I must tell you that Madison is a total Momma's girl. You don't mess with her momma. If she thinks I'm mad at somebody, then she's mad at them. If she thinks they hurt me, then she'll yell at them.**

Immediately, she yells at Brian and says, "Asshole!" Then she points her finger at him and says, "Daddy, you're an asshole! You should not scare Mommy"

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I could not look at her or remove my hands from my face for at least 3 minutes. I laughed, to myself, so hard. It wasn't just the fact that she said that word, but she pointed at him and used him name. Well, we couldn't be mad or punish her. We simply said, behind a smirk, that she can't say that as it's a bad word. She agreed and said she was sorry.

2 minutes later, she called him an idiot. She ended up in the corner.

Lord help me.


Moose & Sasha's Mom said...

Thank you for my morning laugh. What a ham!!

Hippie Family... said...

THAT IS SOOO FUNNYY!! My cousin's little girl told her brother the other night she was gonna pop him in the ass if he didn't watch it. Erin asked what she said and she repeated word for word. and then erin says, where did you learn that? and her daughter says "my dad says that to me ALL THE TIME!"
oh your so in for it!